Advisory Committee

Meet the Advisory Committee

Veikholam Mate

Veikholam Mate, Manipur

For 13 years, I work with shame and tears because of the society’s attitude towards the domestic workers. Joining the movement has educated me about my rights and dignity of work. This has been the best experience in my life.

Stella Topo, Assam

After attending the NDWM programme in Mumbai that was held in the month of January 2016, I became empowered and has become more confident than before.

Stella Topo
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Divya Indwar, Bihar

I am happy to join the NDWM from where I got opportunity to study and to have a decent Working place with respect and all the facilities. I am grateful to NDWM Bihar.

Anita Devi, Jharkhand

The Movement gave me an identity and it has the ability to unite domestic workers and to ensure their rights.

Anita Devi

Sujata Bag, Odisha

NDWM is committed to the cause of domestic workers and has been taking different  measures to protect our rights. It is the platform to express our  views, to create awareness in  our families, societies  and stake holders.

Prabha Yadav, Madhya Pradesh

The NDWM has created awareness on different issues of human rights in the state and country, now they are getting aware of Labour Rights also. Networking, skill development program to fight illiteracy, leadership trainings & counseling’s have made us knowledgeable about rights. The organization had brought many changes in my life.

Prabha Yadav