Domestic Workers

The State of Domestic Workers in India

  • The number of domestic workers in India range from official estimates of 4.2 million to unofficial estimates of more than 50 million.
  • Girls and women make up the significant majority of domestic workers. Between 2000 and 2010, women accounted for seventy-five % of the increase in the total number of domestic workers in India.
  • In 2009-2010 more than two-thirds of all domestic workers in India were employed in urban areas[1].
  • The majority of domestic workers in India are illiterate/ minimally educated and low-skilled. They are also one of the poorest and most exploited groups of workers in the country.
  • Domestic workers in India are forced to be dependent on their employers because they have no legal protection as workers under India’s labor laws,and no bargaining power due to their situations of poverty, illiteracy and low-skills.
  • An estimated 185,595 children are employed as domestic help and in dhabas (small roadside eateries)[2]

[1] Source (ILO analysis of the micro-data of the 2004/05 Employment and Unemployment Survey (61st round), National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) of India)

[2] Based on 2001 census

Welcome Domestic Workers

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How NDWM Helps Domestic Workers

  • Education support for workers and their children
  • Help with legal & medical needs through legal cell
  • Crisis Intervention for registered Domestic Workers
  • Trainings to learn about your rights and improve your skills