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Preventing Trafficking and unsafe migration

Preventing Trafficking and unsafe migration

Trafficking in human persons and engaging them in menial labour and domestic work, especially children and young girls from rural areas to cities for domestic work is a known fact. Apart from inter- state migration, there are a large number of overseas migrant domestic workers, who face problems with illegal recruitment agents, non- compliance with contract terms, and physical abuse at the hands of their employers. Stranded on foreign shores, in an alien environment with little knowledge of the language and customs, compounds their misery.

National Domestic Workers’ Movement through active campaigns at both the source and destination areas creates awareness on the whole issues of migration and trafficking through different strategies. NDWM believes in people’s Right to Freedom of movement and so works on safe migration to ensure that domestic workers are not trafficked. Some of the programs that we have in this regard are:

  • Awareness programs through street theatre, audio-visual programs, distribution of pamphlet and leaflets
  • Pre-departure training to migrant workers both within the country as well as cross border migrants
  • Crisis intervention of migrant workers within the country as well as cross border migrants
  • Legal Aid Service to migrant workers
  • Repatriation and rehabilitation of victims through transit shelter homes.
  • Medical and Psychological counselling to victims.

During 2019, 9299 migrants were identified and covered by safe migration programs. 10 illegal agents were identified and action taken against them.