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Our Partners

International Domestic Workers’ Federation

International Domestic Workers’ Federation is a membership based global organization of domestic and household workers. Their objective is to build a strong, democratic and united domestic / household workers global organization to protect and advance domestic workers’ rights everywhere.

Leuven University

The Kinderrechten Fonds- Jeanne Devos by K Leuven aims to support the activities of NDWM. This includes studying and disseminating the knowledge and experience created by the activities of NDWM with network coverage of vulnerable groups of women and children, through the expertise and financial support of K U Leuven. Prof Peter Adriaenssens is the founder and chairperson of the Jeanne Devos Kinderrechten in Leuven.

World Solidarity Movement

World Solidarity Movement (WSM) is a Belgian non-governmental development organization that supports local social movements in the Global South, including unions and youth groups, and raises awareness in Belgium about sustainable development and just trade. WSM gives aid to local groups that work to achieve universal access to health care, unite the weakest members of society, provide disaster relief in emergencies, and give small loans to support new businesses. The group puts an emphasis on mutuality and works to help establish a cooperative relationship between all of the programs that they support in the Global South.

ACV-CSC F & S, Belgium

The International Programme of the ACV-CSC works towards strengthening of grassroots trade unionism. They cooperate with other social movements and non-governmental organisations to work together in the alternative globalisation movement and help strengthen the position of civil society as a whole.

Global Fund for Women

GFW invests in rights by getting money and support to women-led organizations that are fighting for justice in their own communities. We support women’s organizations that are striving to become more effective in their fight for gender equality. That means providing resources beyond money, such as information and training on how to raise money, how to reach more supporters, and how to use technology to broaden their reach and impact.

Conrad Hilton Fund for Sisters:

A visionary businessman responsible for building the American international hotel company, Conrad N. Hilton was also a visionary philanthropist committed to world peace and economic stability. In 1986 the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation established the Conrad N. Hilton Fund for Sisters in accordance with his Last Will. The collaboration between CNH Fund for Sisters and the NDWM has brought tremendous change and has contributed substantially to the alleviation of poverty in the country and the mainstream education particularly for girl children among the poorest of the poor.