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NDWM Publications

Unheard Unseen Unreached

Fifty stories of the pain and struggle of Child Domestic Workers. This book is an attempt to open the doors and let the voices of Children in Domestic Work be heard. These stories lay bare the extent of abuse they undergo – physical, psychological and sexual and reveals their scars.

I had a Dream...

Highlights the 1st International Day of Hope for Children 17th February 2006, with the Golem: a symbol of hope and evolution.

To make the Invisibles Visible

This book contains programmes and cases of the strenuous efforts of the North Eastern Region Domestic Workers’ Movement in the areas of empowerment of domestic workers in North-east India.

Rediscovered Treasures

Saskia Antonia Kramer, Ana-Laura Spehar, Reetta SuonperaThis book presents 30 Domestic workers who successfully regained their hidden gifts, qualities that have made them stronger. They have begun the treasure hunt and this book describes the story of their journey.

Children in Domestic Work

About their strengths and potentialLien Eerdekens & Win Vanmolkot This publication focuses on the strengths and potential of children who are involved in domestic work. The book seeks to give them a voice and make them heard.

Changing Attitudes and Perceptions about Child Domestic Work

Kate Jameson and Kirsten D’Hooghe.This book assesses and documents current attitudes and perceptions towards Child Domestic Workers in India and also explores how attitudes have developed and changed over time.


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